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Results of the Wikithon 2015

The Wikinomics Wikithon 2015 took place in Barcelona (13.02.2015) with the participation of the projects partners and external experts. The experts profile included the fields of evaluation, pedagogy, MOOCs, sustainable government and development, competence based evaluation framework for teachers, as well as local governance abd collaborative competences as prerequisites for degrowth.

Wikithon 2015 comes as a continuation of the Wikithon 2014 results and had as its main objectives to connect
collaborative competences, evaluation and assessment practices in VET context and test the wikinomics approach towards an open badge framework.

The Wikithon was also an opportunity to exchange on the WikiAngels network, its activities, business process and exploitation plan. Wikithon invited experts agreed to participate on future WikiAngels activities, enriching the network’s scope and capacity.

Please visit the complete Wikithon 2015 results, here.