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Wikithon 2014

Wikiangels will host a wikithon from the 4th till the 7th of April 2014 in Grandvaux (Switzerland) : a getting together in order to transform our practices, methodologies, knowledge to new tools and services.

This event is a getting together of people with a wide range of expertise, aiming at transforming our practices, methodologies and knowledge to collaborative tools and services. An opportunity to discuss and apply the wiki culture as a system of governance: how to empower a transition to more open and collaborative practices in various type of organisations.

During the Wikithon, we will exchange on learning and training with wikis, document our practices and explore ways to work, further, together. It will also contribute to the prepapration of the following type of supporting events: the Bootcamp for companies and organisations to be launched next autumn. The Bootcamp will work as a “seek problem, solutions exchange space” between companies and other organisations, as well as deploying collaborative culture between them and their networks.

Wikithon Program (4 – 7 April, 2014)

Day one, 04.04.2014

Welcome dinner, 20h30
Location : Grandvaux Yorg lounge

Goal: Meeting of experts, including some of the TEDxGeneva2014 speakers

Day two, 05.04.2014

Wikithon 10:00 -19:00
Location : Grandvaux Yorg lounge

Goal :  (4 +4) Four brainstorming and four drafting sessions, of all experts, focusing on:
– Training on, and with, wikis: featuring case studies Wikipedia, World Bank Wiki and other. Presentations will focus on the approach that was adopted, transformative effects, lessons learned
– Drafting on wiki training and conclusions on case studies (2 hours). Discussing on the future training of trainers and pre-designing bootcamps (2 hours). 

Short presentations include: Theo (Understanding Wikinomics), Yves (Bootcamp needs and outcomes), Florence (Case study: Wikipedia, the corporation), Thanasis (In the World Bank) and more

Day three, 06.04.2014

Wikithon 14:00 – 20:00
Location : Grandvaux Yorg lounge

Goal : Sketching a business plan with preliminary roles for the networks’ participants (2 hours). Wikiangels advantages, competences and services in a Wikinomics approach (2 hours)

Short presentations: Theo (Business plan principles),  Florence (Roles in Wiki networks), Thanasis (Training the trainers) and more

19.00 – 20.00 Presentation of Framapad by the founder of Framapad (Alexis Kauffmannn, Framasoft)

Day four, 07.04.2014

TEDxGeneva event (Yorg Lounge) : 10h00 – 11h00

– Experience preparation of TEDxGeneva

TEDxGeneva event on Freedom@DigitalAge (Location: Salles des fêtes de Carouge, rue Ancienne 37, 1227 Carouge – Geneva): 14h00 – 21h00 



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