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Wikinomics Bootcamp (16 October 2014, Ostroleka Poland) – Meeting Results


All videos presentation are available here.

Two groups were formed based on the participants profile. These were a) training activities on collaborative skills and b) solutions for business and services

The evaluation form that was sent to all participants is available here

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BYmTtyLQ6DJ6bSJeSm3OGsGCyMMlJNPh6nlRj2L-ywQ/viewform (polish)

Education and training activities on collaborative skills

The discussion was organised around three axes:

  1. Problems and themes 2. What people do already know? 3. Understanding skills through collaborative roles

Participants recognised the following issues from skills to practical challenges:

Skills needed on communication and collaboration Skills needed on collaboration and communication Multi skills problems
Communication with students

Communication between teachers

Lack of motivation, students seem not want to learn at all, too busy

Lack of trust on skills to be acquired


Learning techniques not always used (ie. Moodle as a platform)

Lack of an innovative training approach

Pressure of time, regardless of the quality of the training

High expectation from parents, employers in results

Less number of students studying on subjects like chemistry, maths

Limited funding on equipment and other activities

No resources for advertising and commercial actions

Underpayment of trainers



Participants identified actions that they have already taken inside their organisations :

Reorganising educational process Develop new products Use new ways to communicate
Project based studying, group work Select one area that I am good and develop it further Present more people with training lessons
Teaching students, with an individual approach to each student Attractive lessons, connected to students interest
Reorganising the curriculum Dance classes, performance in theaters Internet, Facebook
Learn by experience, transversal activities, controlled environment of discussion within a preparation EU funded, mixed model


Solutions for business and services

The main problematics for the attendants were :

  • The question of data privacy, classified datas, data theft, etc
  • The question of how to apply that kind of methodology in traditional “brick and mortar business”
  • The lack of understand of the value of information

The threats of sharing position with other was clearly the participants position, mainly for SMEs owners; the ICT actors better shared the opportunities without understanding how to go ahead.

So SMEs owner changed completely their posture in the second session and where more actors in the meeting by sharing their threats.


Bootcamp and conference follow-up actions

NOT and all partners:

  1. Send a thank you note and a short survey to complete to all participants
  2. Invite participants as partner for the training courses
  3. Involve the participants as volunteers or speaker proposers for the TEDx
  4. Propose WikiAngels, enrich the network of experts