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Wikinomics Bootcamp (16 October 2014, Ostroleka Poland) – Survey Results


This survey was to evaluate the organisation and the content of the Bootcamp organized under the Wikinomics project on 16th October 2014 in Ostroleka. The aim of the Bootcamp was to introduce the Wikinomics project, as well as WikiAngels Wikithon World Bank (operational experience in an organisation), Wikinomics key competences, examples of good practices, in order to make people speak on how they already perform training, collaborate, to organise the needs and discuss on possible solutions. Comments contained therein will helpful in modifying and better preparation of the similar Wikinomics events in the future.


Survey design

The survey consists of introduction which presents the idea of the Wikinomics project, and of 6 questions, including 3 open-ended questions and 3 closed-ended questions in which the respondents could also choose “Other” field in order to provide broader answer. The questions were agreed by all partners on the partners meeting held on 16th October 2014. The questionnarie was sent via e-mail to 23 participants of different profiles.


Profiles of the respondents

Profile of participants is diverse in terms of competence, institutions and experience. In terms of occupation, the participants were:

  • entrepreneurs managing their own companies
  • academics and people managing educational institutions
  • teachers, trainers in vocational education
  • representatives of small businesses (micro and small operators / service companies)
  • representatives of administration


Overview of results

9 replies were received that complete the existing results described in the Wikinomics (WN) Partners Meeting (15, 16 and 17 October 2014), minutes from the Bootcamp and conference.

Respondents, when asked about their idea of the Wikinomics culture, claimed that after the Bootcamp they had a more clear image of what wiki culture is, nevertheless some of them had already known the term. The majority of the respondents found the idea of Wikinomics project an idea of development which may influence both business and education. Furthermore, for most of the respondents, the meeting, the discussions were a great opportunity to share their problems. However, there were some who felt that their issues are anyhow connected with the aspects mentioned during Bootcamp. It is also worth mentioning that most of the participants put a high value on the opportunity to exchange experiences and views, direct contact with the project partners and an opportunity to find solutions in a collaborative way.


The table below provides a summary report of responses obtained from these 9 particiants including the text of open-ended responses.



Your idea of the wikinomics culture NOW VS BEFORE?
  • thanks to the meeting I have greater knowledge about the aspect of wiki culture. I think that it is interesting and innovative supplementation and development of a typical business culture.
  • Wiki culture is reliable and comprehensive both now and before.
  • on a similar level.
  • it’s the idea of development, which properly governed may be successful in every field in the future. An important element is to find a maximum number of people who are willing to transfer knowledge, and if this goal is achieved, the idea will develop itself.
  • Currently, much more extensive knowledge about the project enables to uncover the enormity of potential it entails. I believe that innovativeness of Wiki methodologies has a great chance to revolutionize the approach to the broad topic of training and development through cooperation.
Was this a good opportunity for you to share your issues ?
89% – YES11% – feel like the topic area isn’t anyhow connected with their issues
Was there enough feedback to build on the next steps ?
67%– YES22% – NO

11% – not applicable.

What should we have done differently to make your experience better?
78% don’t see the need to change anything. Some considered the meeting immensely building, creative.22% answered YES, but with no precise answers.
What was the most important thing for you during the Bootcamp?
  • Direct contact with the authors of the project; exchange of views and discussion on specific situations / problems regarding the real business
  • Presentation of new ways of making decisions, managing crisis situations
  • Ability to work with others, you can feel then like a part of something bigger
  • The exchange of views, experiences, ideas, and concepts of solving problems
  • Ability to familiarize yourself with the culture of Wikinomics, interviews with project partners and exchanging experiences
How would you explain to your network the interest to participate to a Wikinomics Bootcamp?
  • Permanent development can only guarantee the continuous improvement of both oneself and the procedures relating to the various aspects of co-operation between the employee within our company / organization.
  • At the moment, my organisation is not interested in such initiatives.
  • Acquiring knowledge on the further development of forms of learning and knowledge-sharing base between institutions operating in the same industry.
  • It is worth to participate in such meetings, because we receive lot of feedback, especially on issues of clarity of messages, proposed by us
  • The development, transfer and exchange of information, use of experiences of others