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The Wikinomics training description and assessment

Here is the overview of the guide to the Wikinomics training practices: click here to download our training activities overview!

Discover also the training description and assessment of each Wikinomics partner:

This is a representation of the training scenarios produced under the Wikiskills project. These scenarios provide information on the acquisition of collaborative skills (wiki use) in various training environments. Click on the titles to discover more !

Wiki+writing+on+paper (link)

Collaborative+storytelling+with+wikis (link) and (link)

Collecting+book+reviews (link)

Collecting+informal+feedbacks+after+cours (link)

Collection+of+curriculums (link)

Collective+Watching (link)

Netizens: The book (link)

Learning+Scenario+Communication+Networking (link)

Learning+Scenario+Cesga (link)

France+Business+School+pilot+case (link)

Participative+note-taking+during+a+meeting (link)

PhD+students+and+young+researchers+to+create+and+disseminate+expert+content+ (link)

Photo+Hunt (link)

Teaching+teachers+to+understand+wiki+culture (link)