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The Wikinomics Toolbox


This is a mind map presentation of the Wikinomics Toolbox prepared by all Wikinomics partners under the guidance of Ynternet.org. The choice of this technique of presentation answers to specific needs of the Wikinomics project: a) present step by step learning methodologies, b) propose inclusive, comprehensive schemas for cross sectoral, cross thematic use, c) create modular content that can be used for peer evaluation through a an open badges infrastructure and d) provide free open source tools solutions for its implementation. Here it a list of concept- and mind-mapping software available at



  • The Wikinomics Toolbox presents :
    • Step 1  – A methodology for evaluating key-competences, including
    • Step 2 –  A series of examples of good practices of free culture and wiki-based teaching methodologies in VET contexts presented in the :
      • The Wikinomics training module
      • The Wikiskills pedagogical guide
        • Read the Wiki tools and skills guidelines
    • Step 3  –  Search further with a series of educational videos
    • Step 4 – Learn more in detail about the Wikinomics practices
    • Step 5 –  Explore methodologies for conducting free culture and wiki-based learning scenarios with students;
      • Read the Wikiskills trainers guide
  • Step 6 – Join us !
      • Follow us on our Wikinomics news for the Wikinomics open training days and the all our activities
      • Participate in the Wikinomics TEDx events organised in 2015 by the Wikinomics partners