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Researching on Open Badges

Wikinomics is a well established socioeconomic term. This paper draws from the ongoing work of the Wikinomics project in order to revisit the term’s definition and demonstrate innovative collaborative and educative approaches, including sustainable network building and open badges use scenario. This includes launching an open communication process with the Open Badges initiatives and a specific methodology to connect the project’s learning outcomes with the ECVET framework approach.

Have a look on our presentation: Revisiting the Wikinomics concept: towards new methodological approaches, Athanasios Priftis, Theo Bondolfi, Yves Boisselier and enjoy the following video from the 1st International Workshop on Open Badges in Education (#OBIE2014) in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL2014), Tallinn, Estonia, 14-17 August 2014