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WikiSkills Handbook – Wikinomics exploitation

As part of our Wikinomics exploitation plan, Ynternet.org has already created the WikiSkills Handbook meant to be a practical guide to help edlossless-page1-400px-Splash_WikiSkills.tiffucators of all type (teachers, trainers) bring their public in using wikis and wiki-like tools for their learning activities, through the use of customized wiki-based learning scenarios, for their socio-professional development.

Here are the full contents of the WikiSkills Handbook:


WikiSkills Handbook
WikiSkills Cover
Introduction to WikiSkills and Wikinomics
Wiki culture and application to learning contexts
The WikiSkills training approach
The WikiSkills training curriculum
Training scenarios
Training practices
Frequently Asked Questions
To go further
Tool Kit
The tools we use
Wiki Key Competencies
Video resources